Where and how our gastronomy is created...

Every season we are introdusing to you  our new seasonal  a la carte. But first of all, we would  like to indroduce Ján Adámik, the chef of Hotel & Restaurant Gino Park Palace, who creates every season menu.

My name is Ján Adámik I am the chef of HGPP and run the this kitchen here since 2007.

“I have enoyed cooking since I was a child. That is why I choose  to study gastronomy business and graduated from the Prievidza Hotel and Restaurant  Academy. During my internship in Switzerland for several years I got a lot of experience and skills. I learned how a kitchen should look like and how it should be efficiently run. Due to a discipline and hard work, I gained a valuable culinary experience from the best master chefs ans teachers in the sphere.

What I like most about cooking is that there is no stereotypes, there is always something to improve and move forward. I like to experiment, discover new flavour combinations, variants and I enjoy putting emotions into my food. ”

We want out cuisine to sound in unison with the latest culinary trends and with a special respect for traditions. Our ambiton is  to rise local food and products to a height of recognized delicacies and be a restaurant trendsetter in the region.

Every dish in our menu is a combination of flavours making a unique gastronomic palette that brings you a great experience.

ján adámik gino park palace gastronomia


Every week we bring you a special offer of the week. We follow what you love and listen to your opinions, so we will be happy to prepare you the best dishes again. We are very pleased when you are leaving satisfied. You can find the current offer above. Bon appetite!


+421 42 44 59 600


Special menu as well as the whole menu of the restaurant is prepared for you by the chef Ján Adámik. Degustation menu is possible to order for minimum 5 five persons at least 5 days before arrival.

Price: 49 € / person

Wine pairing for individual courses is 25 € / person

Book your special menu at  +421 42 44 59 600 or by email at

Our area


The airy dining room is dominated by a crystal chandelier and the original, richly decorated ceiling, which suitable space even for large events, wedding receptions and other major events. The Gino and Balassa lounges are situated on each side of the dining area.

Opening hours

Monday – Sunday
10:00 – 22:00


The café is the place to go for excellent Piacetto coffee and homemade desserts. It offers a wide selection of Slovak and foreign wines, premium Erb beer and other alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

Opening hours

Monday – Sunday
10:00 – 22:00


The lobby bar is close to the reception desk in the manor’s Baroque hall. Together with the summer terrace it creates a space where anyone can sit down and enjoy a snack or talk with friends. It is also available for banquets and receptions for any occasion.

Opening hours

Sunday – Thursday 12:00 – 20:00
Friday – Saturday 12:00 – 22:00


The lounges with their richly adorned historic ceilings are to connected with the restaurant dining area and also have their own entrances, so they are the ideal venue for organizing private family events or business meetings.

Opening hours

By reservation


This traditional men’s lounge offering cigars and high-quality spirits, also exhibits hunting guns. It is a popular room for formal and informal meetings behind closed doors.

Opening hours

By reservation

Hall Kolchury 100 100 70 shape E 90 110
Lounge Gino 24 30 24 shape U 24 24
Lounge Balassa 24 30 24 shape U 24 24
Lounge Hunting 18 30 16 shape I
Atrium 250 400 250 450

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