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what we offer ?

We want our cuisine to sound in unison with the latest culinary trends and with a special respect for traditions. Our ambiton is  to rise local food and products to a height of recognized delicacies and be a restaurant trendsetter in the region.

Every dish in our menu is a combination of flavours making a unique gastronomic palette that brings you a great experience.


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Where and how our gastronomy is created...

First of all, we would  like to indroduce Ján Adámik, the chef of Hotel & Restaurant Gino Park Palace, who creates every season menu.

My name is Ján Adámik I am the chef of HGPP and run the this kitchen here since 2007.

“I have enoyed cooking since I was a child. That is why I choose  to study gastronomy business and graduated from the Prievidza Hotel and Restaurant  Academy. During my internship in Switzerland for several years I got a lot of experience and skills. I learned how a kitchen should look like and how it should be efficiently run. Due to a discipline and hard work, I gained a valuable culinary experience from the best master chefs ans teachers in the sphere.

What I like most about cooking is that there is no stereotypes, there is always something to improve and move forward. I like to experiment, discover new flavour combinations, variants and I enjoy putting emotions into my food. ”

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Tasting menu

The tasting menu is a unique experience, and it can even be an unforgettable. The whole menu is compiled especially for clients to order.

If you are interested, contact our Event Manager at +421 948 72 82 86 or by email at

The tasting menu as well as the entire menu of the restaurant is compiled for you by chef Ján Adámik.


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