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An extensive historical park with plenty of walkways and benches, where many rare trees have been planted over the years that now are home to several bird species

Distance from the hotel: on the grounds

Degree of difficulty: easy

What we suggest: reserve some nights at the Gino Park Palace, where a picnic basket is included so you have the opportunity to enjoy the hotel park. There are badminton, balls and board games available at the reception desk at no charge.

Warning: because the park is home to several species of rare birds and forest animals, dogs and house pets are prohibited in the park and smoking is allowed only in designated areas.


The Gino Park Palace Hotel**** is located in the Upper Váh River Valley, a charming tourist region with many remarkable things to see in features like a national nature reserve, cultural monuments and historic buildings. Together with the options available at Gino Park Palace, you can enjoy a relaxing stay with options for active leisure either hiking or cycling.

The hotel staff will be glad to advise you on choosing an excursion or hiking route, providing you with all the necessary information. Ask at the reception desk.

Považský Hrad (Bistrizza Castle) stands guard over the Váh River at an elevation of 497 meters. According to undocumented stories, it was built in 1128 to protect an important route along the river. As a result of extensive reconstruction, the entire castle can now be reached through a series of wooden walkways, stairways and observation points. The forest path to the castle is not difficult to overcome, either coming out of the village of Považské Podhradie under the castle or directly from the hotel. On the way to the castle, you can stop at a local sheep farm and taste their cheese specialties.

Distance from the hotel: 30 minutes walking from the hotel, from Považské Podhradie 5 minutes by car and then 20 minutes on foot to the castle.

Degree of difficulty: moderately difficult

What we suggest: While walking to the castle directly from the hotel, stop at the sheep farm only 10 minutes away and sample their organic sheep-milk products. Remember to take a pair of binoculars with you in order not to miss the sights that can be seen from the castle. Learn more about the history of this magnificent castle from the display boards placed directly there.


The Upper Váh River region has a number of hiking and bicycling trails, especially at Javorníky and in the Strážov and Súľov Mountains. Choose the best route according to your ability. Many of the trails are suitable for family or weekend cyclists. Bicycles can be rented at the hotel by guests at no charge.

Distance from the hotel: on the grounds

Degree of difficulty: from easy to moderately difficult.

What we suggest: the bicycle route from Považská Bystrica to Zákvašov (17 km) runs along the blue trail, starting from the shopping center in Považská Bystrica at the bicycle trail intersection. From there, it skirts around the edge of town toward Považská Tepla. There are signs to navigate you to the valley and the trail runs along an asphalt trail through the nature reserve along Manín Gorge.


The dominant features of the Manín Gorge Nature Reserve are Veľký and Malý Manín, two high peaks along a ridge, and a gorge less than a kilometer long with 400 meters high rock walls on each side. The gorge is the narrowest in Slovakia. From there it is possible to continue 2.5 kilometers along a marked education trail to Kostolec Gorge (Kostolecká tiesňava) and the largest rock overhang in Slovakia, with an imposing talus cone.

Distance from the hotel: 15 minutes by car

Degree of difficulty: from moderately difficult to difficult


During construction, a mineral spring was discovered that became the cornerstone of Nimnica Spa. Continue from this point along the hiking trail to either Holíš Ridge or the nearby shepherd’s hut (salaš), with its sheep products.

Distance from the hotel: 13 minutes by car

Degree of difficulty: moderately difficult

What we suggest: At Nimnica Spa, try the slightly salty, mineral rich, carbonated water that directly acts beneficially on the air passages.


The hiking trail starts off from Nimnica Spa and runs along the blue-marked hiking trail. Holíš Ridge (elevation 533 meters offers incredible views of the Nosice Reservoir and above it the Klapy Ridge and surrounding villages.

Distance from the hotel: 13 minutes to Nimnica Spa, and then 40 minutes on foot

What we suggest: Refresh your feet in the Kneipp therapy foot baths at the start of this pleasant walk through the forest.


Súľovské Skaly (Súľov Rocks) is one of the largest natural limestone phenomena to be found in the northwestern corner of Slovakia. The most mesmerizing feature is the educational nature trail to Súľov Castle (elevation: 252 meters), which can be reached in a two-hour, peaceful walk along a forest path.

Distance from the hotel: 15 minutes by car

Degree of difficulty: moderately difficult

What we suggest: Súľovské Skaly is one of the largest natural limestone phenomena in the northwestern corner of Slovakia. So don’t forget to bring your camera as there will be plenty of opportunities for wonderful pictures.

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